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Happy Easter!!

happy easter

Wishing everyone a safe and blessed Easter weekend!!


CrossFit Fave

crossfitToday’s workout was one of my Crossfit faves.  It’s quick workout in which you’ll burn tons of calories in a short period of time.  I finished it off with my Ab Pyramid workout and some stretching. It goes as follows:

  • Row 1000 meters
  • 21 Thrusters
  • 21 Wide-grip pull-ups
  • Row 750 meters
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 15 Wide-grip pull-ups
  • Row 500 meters
  • 9 Thrusters
  • 9 Wide-grip pull-ups

If you don’t have a rowing machine available you can run on the treadmill or outdoors instead.  If you can’t do pull-ups on your own you can use an assisted pull-up machine or choose another exercise that will work the large muscles of your back (lats, traps and rhomboids). When doing the thrusters just select a weight that is heavy enough for you to complete the required amount of reps.  For example, when doing the 21 thrusters, select a weight so that you can just make 21.  If you can do 30, it’s too light.  If you can only do 15, it’s too heavy.  You’ll find the right weight through trial and error.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone 🙂

Kalyn – Another Check Off the Bucket List

This woman is such an inspiration. Gotta give her credit. She is so strong and determined to control her life and to not let life or circumstances control her.

She's Losing It!

I few weeks ago I told you about my friend from my bodybuilding team, Kayln Blacklock.  She has a rare disease called Chiari Malformation which happens when the brain is herniated (or squeezed down into) the spinal canal.  After having her second brain surgery she got cancer and had to stop treatment for Chiari, but that didn’t stop her from living her life.  Five days after chemo she ran the Tough Mudder.

Last week she did her first bodybuilding competition…and won Top 5.

This was the inaugural show for the Phil Heath Classic and it was mobbed.

Our trainer, Melissa Merritt, was backstage with her the whole time.  They decided to do her hair like Pink.

Kalyn - smiling

She sent me these pics backstage and told me she ran into a man she never met who knew all about her.  He read her story on my blog!   (You can read her…

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Delicious Protein Smoothie

smoothieI don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of whey protein shakes simply because I’ve tried sooo many and I’ve never been able to find one that I like and can stick with.  Also, I’m a big believer in natural sources of protein so I set out on a mission to find one and sure enough I found one that I absolutely enjoy!  I found this recipe on  Check it out.  They have a lot of great recipes if you love egg whites, like myself.

– 1/2 Banana
– 3 to 4 Strawberries or use 1 cup Strawberry/Banana Nectar
– 1/2 Cup Egg Whites
– 1 Cup Pineapple or apple Juice
– 1 Cup ice cubes

1. Place fruit and ice in blender first, mix 60 to 90 seconds.
2. Add Egg Whites, mix another 10 to 15 seconds.

For thicker smoothie, just add more ice. For your personal favorite smoothie, just use juice or fruits desired.

Actually, the first time I made it I didn’t have any bananas so I just put in half a cup of unsweetened applesauce and it tasted yummy!  I later tried it with both the applesauce and the banana and same result, yummy!!

Try it and let me know what you think 🙂


believe“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

Audrey Hepburn 1929-1993,

Actress and Humanitarian

Intuitive Eating

intuitiveEverything in life is about balance and that includes how we eat and our attitude towards eating.  Being an intuitive eater enables you to trust your internal cues of hunger, appetite and satiety.  It enables you to naturally balance your energy intake without dieting and restriction.  The intuitive eater has a positive, relaxed and flexible attitude towards eating and is able to enjoy both nutritious and indulgent food choices.

We were all born with the ability to eat intuitively.  As babies we cried for food because we were hungry.  Once we were full we stopped eating and felt quite satisfied.  Unfortunately, as we get older we learn or develop bad eating habits and we are constantly bombarded with negative messages about eating.  We learn destructive ways of thinking that make us believe that to have the perfect body we must eat this way and buy this product to achieve this result regardless of the consequences that may follow.

Poor habits and misinformation can lead to weight gain, unhealthy weight loss, eating disorders and variety of emotional issues.  We have to educate our selves and our children when it comes to healthy eating and we have to have a good relationship with food to achieve true balance.

Here are a few tips for general health.  These tips do not apply to someone who is on a special diet, for example, someone dieting for medical reasons or someone dieting to prepare for a fitness competition.

Don’t Think “diet”. Think “balance”

Disregard what you hear and see in the media.  There is no quick fix or miracle pill that will get you to and keep you at your goals.  If weight loss isn’t achieved the proper way the chance of gaining all or most of it back is great. Remember, it’s a lifestyle change.  Also, you really don’t have to pay a fortune for a program that controls the amount of food you eat. Learn about portion control and use a friend or family member as an accountability partner.


Grazing is really important for maintaining balance.  Try to eat small meals or healthy snacks throughout the day being sure to balance the protein:fat:carb ratio for the most satisfaction. Eating every three hours is optimal. You don’t want to get to the point where you’re starving and willing to eat anything.  This often leads to overeating and poor food choices followed by feelings of guilt and sometimes nausea!

Allow Yourself to Occasionally Indulge

Occasionally allow yourself to have a treat. If you deprive yourself for too long you will eventually cave.  When that happens you will eat so much of this “forbidden” food and then you’ll feel the guilt.  Denying yourself completely of a craving creates way too much stress and increases your cortisol levels which, of course, causes you to retain fat.  A vicious cycle, so just treat yourself.

Don’t Judge Yourself

Make a decision, stick with it and accept it.  Don’t beat yourself up later and second guess on whether you should have eaten “that’ or not.  If you don’t think it was a good choice then just make a note to yourself and choose a healthier or better option next time.  There really is no point to creating inner turmoil.  Just learn from it and move on.

Stop Eating When You’re Full

I know this can be very hard to do sometimes especially when what you’re eating is extremely delicious! Don’t inhale your meal. Eat slow.  Savour and enjoy every bite.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full which is why it’s important to eat slow.  If you inhale that delicious meal and overeat (which I have been guilty of doing on numerous occasions) you’ll suddenly reach a point (approximately 20 minutes later) where you realize,”Uh,oh.  I think I’m going to puke!”  This usually happens to me at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, lol.  A very uncomfortable feeling again followed by guilt and a few extra pounds.

Remember That Food is for Nourishment, Not Comfort

Many people are emotional eaters and will turn to food for comfort. It’s important to understand that food will not heal emotional pain. It may eventually make you feel worse. Seek help.  To achieve balance you will eventually have to deal with the source of the emotional pain.

As Dove Says “Love the Skin You’re In”

We all come in different shapes and sizes.  Accept it.  Don’t have unrealistic expectations of what you should look like and don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not. Don’t criticize yourself either.  Self-acceptance and self-love are key to achieving balance. Give thanks everyday for your health.  Having a positive self-image increases your self-esteem and self-confidence which enables you to make healthy choices.

Just Move

Make exercise a part of your daily routine and make it fun.  Find something that you like to do.  Not everyone likes to lift weights or run marathons.  If there’s a sport you enjoy, play it.  If you find something you enjoy and look forward to it could mean the difference between choosing to plant yourself on the couch in front of the t.v. and getting in that workout.  Set an achievable and reasonable goal for yourself.  This will give you something to look forward to and motivate you to keep moving.

Enjoy All foods

Remember when you’re eating you want to maintain balance.  Don’t deprive yourself of flavour or the odd snack. Go ahead! Have the salad dressing!  Just don’t pour the entire bottle on your salad. Everything in moderation for health. You only have to be concerned if you consistently make poor food choices on a daily basis.

I encourage you to listen to your body and become an intuitive eater:)

Practice Self-Love….Be Your Own Best Friend.

self loveFriendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Feeling Stressed? Have a Glass of Water

waterStudies have shown that there is a direct link between being stressed and dehydration. How?  All of our organs,  need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your entire body isn’t functioning well which can cause stress.  When we are stressed our bodies release that lovely hormone, cortisol which can lead to a wide variety of other issues which I’ll save for another post.

Hydration is so important for many reasons.  Our bodies are made up of about 75% water.  We lose water through our breath, our sweat and every time we go to the bathroom.  We need water to assist in the transport of nutrients and oxygen to our cells. We need it for our metabolism, digestion and elimination of waste.  We need it to lubricate our joints for that intense workout and we need it to help regulate our body temperature.

How Do You Know You’re Dehydrated?

There are several ways to tell.  The most obvious sign is thirst.  If you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated.  A few  other indications of dehydration are:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dark coloured urine
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Fatigue

Our brain is approximately 80% water.  When the water level drops by even 2% we start to experience short-term memory issues also known as “brain fog”.  Been there?  I have many times!!  This is a pretty good indication that you are dehydrated and you may feel a little stressed, anxious and irritable.  Also, when our bodies are dehydrated it triggers our fight or flight response and keeps it in an elevated state which further increases stress levels. Proper hydration enables us to think clearly and stay focused.  It can help prevent Attention Deficit Disorder in both children and adults.  Since our brain cannot store water, it’s crucial that we stay well hydrated.

To determine how much water you should be drinking for your body weight just take your current weight and multiply by 0.55.  Take that number and divide by 8.  This is the minimum amount of water you need for your body weight.  This number will change depending on the environment or activity level.  If it’s a hot summer day and you’re sweating a lot, you’ll need more.  Likewise, during a workout you need to be drinking water throughout to keep those joints lubricated for optimal performance and to regulate your body temperature.

So,  the next time you’re feeling a little stressed and irritable, instead of reaching for a cup of coffee grab a glass of water, take a deep breath and breathe.


Tabata Upper Body Workout

arnoldArnold probably didn’t get this big doing Tabatas, but supplementing your workout routine with this upper body Tabata workout of the large muscles (back and chest) will help to build both strength and endurance.

Tabata workout #3 – perform each exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Complete 8 cycles for a total of four minutes.  This is one Tabata.

  • Standard push-ups
  • Bent over row (You can use a barbell, dumbbells, or bands)
  • Incline or Decline push-ups
  • Supermans

Again, be sure to stretch after to reduce soreness the next day.

Enjoy 🙂

Tabata Cardio Workout

Tabata cardio workouts will take you to an intense level of fitness, burn calories in a short period of time and build endurance all in as little as 4 minutes(1 Tabata).  This workout may be tough but it will give you benefits equal to that of  a longer cardio session in a shorter period of time.

Tabata workout #2 – perform each exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Complete 8 cycles for a total of four minutes.  This is one Tabata.

  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Lateral jumps
  • Tuck Jump

It’s even more fun when you do it with a friend 😉

Let me know how it goes!

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