Hi everyone.  My name is Judy and I have such a passion for health, fitness and wellness that I decided to blog about it, like everyone else I’m sure!

Well, here’s a bit about myself: I am married and have one adult child. She has turned out to be an amazing young woman.  I am certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as a Personal Trainer/Certified Fitness Consultant.  Living a fit, healthy and active lifestyle has been a part of my life from as far back as I can remember.  I played every sport in high school and continued in recreational sports throughout college and I currently play in a recreational woman’s soccer league (although some of these women are soooo competitive!). I also play hockey and have recently taken up golfing!  I’m a workout junkie and a health food freak, although I do indulge sometimes for my own sanity!  I have competed in IFBB figure competitions placing 2nd, 1st and a disappointing 5th place at the Provincial level back in 2005 😦  Oh well.  It was a wonderful learning experience and helped to build the solid foundation I have today for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

I am currently in school doing my Business Administration degree, which keeps me very busy. But, I always have time to motivate, inspire and help others achieve the healthy, active lifestyle that I enjoy.  I’m hoping that with this blog I can reach out and be an inspiration to all.

  1. Hi Judy! I have a question I’m sure you can answer. At my age of 63, I lift small 5 & 10 weights to build and define my muscles. A trainer friend of mine told me to allow my muscles to mend between days to repair the small repairs that occur after stretching and lifting weights. I do that, however my question is, I see construction workers and dock workers lifting heavy loads daily seemingly without destroying their arms. Is waiting a day or so a myth? Thanks so much for answering I appreciate it!

    • Hi Ellie. Yes, your friend is correct. When you lift weights it makes small tears in the muscle fibres. These small tears need time to repair, generally 24-48 hrs. depending on the intensity of the exercise and how much repair the muscles need. The reason construction/dock workers are able to perform the same exercise/work daily is because the body will become accustomed to the same or specific exercises which will eventually be less stressful on the body. So, if they’re used to lifting and hauling and doing the same type of work daily, the work will not be enough to cause the small tears in the muscle fibres. However, to see improvements in strength, tone and endurance it’s important that the muscles are stressed enough. This is why it’s necessary to change up your exercise routine every 4-6 weeks. Keeps the muscles guessing! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Great advice and thanks for answering my question! I have been working dilgently to get my under arms back in shape. I think that’s one of the areas that show a woman’s age. I don’t mind getting older but I sure hate looking it! The women who state I should simply age gracefully are the ones who haven’t reached that point yet! I still feel 30 and that’s the most important thing! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. my colleague walks on stairs till 8th floor. i think it is not correct..she turns very exhausted. i see it can be troublesome for her. can you advise..

    • Stair training/exercise has many benefits and is a great way to change up your workout for anyone who generally has overall good health. I don’t know the fitness level or medical history of your colleague so I can’t say whether I would recommend this for her or not. I would, however, advise her or anyone else to check with their doctor before starting any exercise program. Hope that helps.

  4. I have awarded you a blogger award! All the details are in my post here: http://littleblogoflettinggo.com/2013/05/20/more-awards-oh-my/
    You have been a true inspiration to me, and I feel fortunate to be able to promote your wonderful blog. Thank you for doing what you do! =D

    • Hi Carrie! Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ve been overwhelmingly busy these past few weeks and haven’t had much time to blog. Receiving recognition like this encourages me to keep at it and to not get discouraged. Thank you for inspiring me and I’m glad that I’ve been an inspiration to you. It’s my goal to inspire you and many others so thank you for the motivation 🙂

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