Health Tips

Food Combining

food_pyramid The concept of food combining for optimal health and well-being has been around for a long time. Learning to combine the right combination of foods can improve digestive issues and promote weight loss. It also improves your metabolism and increases your energy by ridding the body of toxins.
Here’s the concept:


Laughter is the Best Medicine

jays gameYesterday my hubby and I took in a Jays game at the Rogers Centre.  It was, by far, the worst baseball game I’ve ever been to! The Toronto Blue Jays lost 13-0 to the Boston Red Sox, but this game was the most entertaining one I’ve ever been to.

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Intuitive Eating

intuitiveEverything in life is about balance and that includes how we eat and our attitude towards eating.  Being an intuitive eater enables you to trust your internal cues of hunger, appetite and satiety.  It enables you to naturally balance your energy intake without dieting and restriction.  The intuitive eater has a positive, relaxed and flexible attitude towards eating and is able to enjoy both nutritious and indulgent food choices. Read more…


Reading Labels

imagesCAJ4MPCRFood labels! For the conscious shopper reading labels while carefully selecting items to drop into your grocery cart can be a time consuming chore, especially if you don’t know what to look for.  Are there too many calories?  Is the fat content too high?  Should I chose lite or regular?  These may be some of the many questions going through your head while holding a box of crackers in one hand and a container of yogurt in the other.  Here are a few tips that may add some clarity when reading those confusing food labels.


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